Nestled on the south eastern shores of Great Lake Ontario, Oswego County is where some say you'll find the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

The quality of life in Oswego County is what makes us one of the premier places to live and work in New York State. Strategically located within a two-hour drive to Rochester and a 45- minute drive to Syracuse, Oswego County also boasts a State University with more than 8,700 students, a productive and experienced workforce, abundant energy production, an extensive transportation infrastructure and a thriving and diverse economy.

Friendly neighbors and a welcoming community are just a couple more reasons why Oswego County is more than a great place to do business; it is a place easy to call home.

Here's a snapshot of Oswego County.

  • Workforce: 59,780;
  • Top Industries: metal manufacturing, transportation/logistics, food processing and agriculture, energy, and tourism;
  • Occupations: 25% management; 24% sales/clerical; 21% production/transportation; 16% service; 13% construction/maintenance;
  • Jobs: 38,173 private sector; 11,889 public sector; 2,747 self employed;
  • Products: dairy, paper containers, frozen vegetables, fresh fruit and vegetables, wire, boilers/heat exchange equipment, aluminum, baked beans, electricity, soaps, machinery, wine;
  • Transportation: 2,000 miles of highway; CSX Rail System; fully-equipped county airport and 45 minutes from Hancock International airport in Syracuse; modern, deep water Port of Oswego; and
  • Power: Three nuclear power plants, 10 hydroelectric plants, 2 solar arrays and three natural gas/fossil fuel power plants, all with an installed capacity of over 5,400 megawatts output.