House, Oswego, NY

Whether your dream home is a stately historic estate, an urban loft, a contemporary townhouse or you’re looking to custom build a new home, Oswego County has what you’re looking for in a place you can be proud to call home.

House, Oswego, NY
  • Size: 968 total square miles
  • Population: 117,533
  • Average home value: $115,900

Out of 54,930 homes, 63.8% are occupied by owners.

Major architectural styles in Oswego County include Victorian, Greek Revival, Colonial, Second French Empire, Federal and Euro-Contemporary.

House, Oswego, NY

Oswego County offers myriad opportunities for water-front living, be it on the shores of Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake or along one of several rivers.

Oswego County Housing Information

Median Housing Value Median Monthly Rent Owner Occupied Units Renter Occupied Units Total Unoccupied Units






Data Source: US Census Bureau 2021 Estimates

Housing Assistance

For Oswego County residents needing Section 8 housing assistance, please visit the links below.

Neighborhood Revitalization Programs

  • The Oswego County Land Bank strategically acquires vacant and abandoned properties throughout the county with the intent to return them to usefulness by the best means possible.
  • Fulton Block Builders encourages neighbors to work together to restore the exteriors of the houses on their block, thus reshaping the city of Fulton one neighborhood at a time.
  • The Oswego Renaissance Association promotes the restorations of neighborhoods in the city of Oswego, making them neighborhoods of choice for potential buyers.