House, Oswego, NY

Whether your dream home is a stately historic estate, an urban loft, a contemporary townhouse or you’re looking to custom build a new home, Oswego County has what you’re looking for in a place you can be proud to call home.

House, Oswego, NY
  • Size: 968 total square miles
  • Population: 117,124
  • Average home value: $104,600

Out of 54,721 homes, 76% are occupied by owners.

Major architectural styles in Oswego County include Victorian, Greek Revival, Colonial, Second French Empire, Federal and Euro-Contemporary.

Oswego County offers myriad opportunities for water-front living, be it on the shores of Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake or along one of several rivers.

House, Oswego, NY

Oswego County Housing Information:

Median Housing Value Median Monthly Rent Owner Occupied Units Renter Occupied Units Total Unoccupied Units






*Source: US Census Bureau 2019 Estimates

Housing Assistance

For Oswego County residents needing Section 8 housing assistance, please visit the links below:

Neighborhood Revitalization Programs

  • The Oswego County Land Bank strategically acquires vacant and abandoned properties throughout the county with the intent to return them to usefulness by the best means possible.
  • Fulton Block Builders encourages neighbors to work together to restore the exteriors of the houses on their block, thus reshaping the city of Fulton one neighborhood at a time.
  • The Oswego Renaissance Association promotes the restorations of neighborhoods in the city of Oswego, making them neighborhoods of choice for potential buyers.