Start-Up NY
Designer Hardwood Flooring CNY

Designer Hardwood Flooring CNY

SUNY Oswego has partnered with Designer Hardwood Flooring CNY in a Start-Up NY project — the college's first — that holds promise for 19 new jobs.

The company will employ local hires as well as talented SUNY Oswego interns and cooperative-education students to participate in engineering, design and manufacture of panelized flooring that uses a patent-pending, first-to-market system, according to Sherry Marmon, majority owner and president of the company.

Joe Marmon, vice president of Designer Hardwood Flooring, said the company expects to "ramp up aggressively," and aims to operate in two shifts within a year.

Student talent is key to the business plan.

"We will bring qualified students in and develop their skills in a live manufacturing environment," he said. "We will be offering internships and co-ops, and would hope eventually to hire some of the most talented graduates. We are using SUNY Oswego as a labor pool to draw a higher level of freshly trained talent."

The Marmons said they worked with students and the Small Business Development Center at SUNY Oswego to advance Hardwood Transformations' finishing business and then to develop a business plan for the new flooring manufacturing company.

Designer Hardwood Flooring's panelized product feeds into the Marmon's older, companion firm, Hardwood Transformations, which applies environmentally friendly finishes for their own and other companies' flooring products.

Investment: $738,000
Jobs Created: 17

Project Images

SUNY Oswego President Deborah Stanley vists Designer Hardwood Flooring

Example of flooring panels made by Desinger Hardwood Florring