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Press Releases

Press Releases

November 10, 2015

Jennifer Cook Honored as First "Woman of Power Award" Recipient at Connections Women's Conference

Evelyn LiVoti and Jennifer CookOn Tuesday, October 27, over 50 women from all over Central New York came together for the Connections Women's Conference at the Lake Ontario Event and Conference Center in Oswego.

The day hit a high note when Honore Stockley, Connections co-chair, introduced the four finalists for the first "Woman of Power Award." Each of the finalists – Kristen Shanley, Dr. Leia Lindley-Wahrendorf, Lisa Yesensky and Jennifer Cook – listened as their many accomplishments were shared with those in attendance.

"There are so many women who generously give their time to a great number of important causes throughout our community," remarked Evelyn LiVoti, Connections co-chair. "With four of the very best as finalists, the task of selecting just one as the top winner was very, very difficult. This year it was our great privilege to honor Jennifer Cook as the first Woman of Power Award recipient."

All four finalists were given a single rose. Ms. Cook received a plaque extolling her accomplishments. The other three finalists each received a certificate recognizing them as a finalist.

For more information, contact Evelyn LiVoti, Connections' co-chair, at 343.1545 or elivoti@oswegocounty.org or visit the Connections' webpage www.oswego.edu/about/centers/obcr/connections. Please visit and like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ConnectionsWomensConference.